Images of the models at the British Exploratory Land Archive Exhibition by Mark Smout and Laura Allen with Geoff Manaugh at the at the AA, Bedford Square, London, until the 14th of December.

Exhibition details here

Also, an online archive of the AA school students work is now available here

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Lebbeus Woods’ work came up today during discussion and the following project seems very relevant to the current explorations of the Unit. The first one, his series on “Metrical Instruments”, were in his own words “tectonic constructions for measuring the reflection of light”. Reminiscent of the traditional sundial, these models use reflective surfaces, lines, the 3rd and even 4th dimension to tell the story of light.

lebbeus woods metrical instrument 01 lebbeus woods metrical instrument 02 lebbeus woods metrical instrument 03 lebbeus woods metrical instrument 04

concept and deign by Lebbeus Woods, design and construction Leo Modrein.images from