Friends in academia

Zhan Wang

(image by Zhan Wang at the AA Dip 6)

We had the pleasure of having Kate Davies, Ed Wall and Simon Withers as critics this week.

Kate Davies runs the Dip 6 at the AA, also known as the Unknown Fields Division with Liam Young, which is, in their own words:
a nomadic design studio that ventures out on annual expeditions to the ends of the earth exploring unreal and forgotten landscapes, alien terrains and obsolete ecologies. Join the Division as each year we navigate a different global cross section and map the complex and contradictory realities of the present as a site of strange and extraordinary futures.
more info about the Division and students work here at the Unknown Fields Division

Kate also runs the Diploma Unit 23 with Bob Sheil and Emmanuel Vercruysse at the Bartlett and some of their inspirations can be found here at

Ed Wall is head of the Landscape Department at the University of Greenwcih and you can follow the new blog of the department here at, where I found this beautiful quote by Landscape architect Gilles Clément:

We will protect a forest for the future produced by time and the vagaries of history;
a natural process has been transformed into a vertical symbol,
coveted and unreachable, yet the focus of our attention and astonishment;
a fragment of nature left to itself in the heart of the city, and island.

Simon Withers runs Unit 15 with Nic Clear and Mike Aling at the University of Greenwich, you can follow their inspirations, preocupations and references here