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Hans Hollein died on April 24th 2014.
Hans Hollein, operated along the tenuous line between sculpture and architecture whilst being conscious of the changing definition of what we call our environment.


He argued that ‘architects have to stop thinking in terms of buildings only’ because, for him, ‘everything is architecture’ and what we call our environment has expanded.

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In 1963, together with Walter Pichler, about ‘Forms and Designs’, Hans Hollein wrote:
“In architecture we are not concerned with beauty. If we want beauty then we want it less in form or proportion than in a sensual beauty of fundamental power.
“The shape of the building doesn’t develop out of the material condition of its purpose. A building shall not show its purpose. It is not an expression of structure and construction, it is not an enclosure or refuge.
“A building is itself.
“Architecture is without purpose.
“What we build will find its usefulness.
“Form does not follow function. Form doesn’t originate by itself. It is the great decision of man to make a building into a cube, a pyramid or a sphere.
Today for the first time in the history of mankind, at this moment when immensely developed science and perfected technology offer the means, we are building what we want, making an architecture that is not determined by technique, but that uses technique – pure, absolute architecture.
Today, man is master over infinite space”.

more about Hans Hollein’s work on his website here