2-4-6-8 House by Morphosis

On the use of orthographic drawings by Morphosis: the case of the self-built 2-4-6-8 House by Morphosis, complete with assembly instructions.
Axonometrics are used to describe the construction method, as they are is deemed easier to understand. Here they show how the different parts are assembled.
The project also combines plan, reflected ceiling plan, unfolded elevations, axonometric and the additional perspective on a single drawing (first drawing below), thus using the quasi-full palette of traditional conventional architectural drawings on the same page, whilst, surprisingly perhaps, avoiding the cross section (though the plan of course is a section).

The house is one of Morphosis early projects (1978) and can be found, alongside many others, on their research/archive website: morphopedia

01-246-Drawing-A01-512 05-2468-Isometric-Drawing-_-512 2468axo_FINAL-512 03-2468-See-Word-Doc-_assem-512description of the project from morphopedia:

“Venice Beach, the context for much of our early work, is one of the few places in Los Angeles with a thriving and eclectic street life. The 2-4-6-8 House gave voice to this happenstantial quality, inflected by the serendipity and combustibility of Venice street life. A sense of play animates the 2-4-6-8 House. Variations on window sizes form the conceptual genesis for the project. A simple cube with a pyramidal roof, the exterior is clad in gray asphalt shingles, while the windows’ yellow cross, blue lintel, and red scupper inject a joyous note of color. The project was schematized in a Revell-model-like that detailed each aspect of its construction in a form any layperson could comprehend. To enhance this playful, do-it-yourself quality, the client was given pocket-sized working drawings. Within the finished space, ventilation and heating are manually operated through gadgets that beckon to be fiddled with.”

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