AA Exhibition: The British Exploratory Land Archive

From  Saturday 16th November until the 14th of December there will be three concomitant exhibitions at the AA.

CLUIcabinets3 CLUIcabinets4

[Images: Going through the archives, maps, and files of the Center for Land Use Interpretation, including one of Geoff Manaugh’s favorite headlines of all time: “Emptiness welcomes entrepreneurs”; photos by Mark Smout].

The first exhibition is “The British Exploratory Land Archive (BELA)” by Smout-Allen and BLDGBLOG, which was first presented at the Venice Architectural Biennale last year.
Geoff Manaugh describes BELA in his blog:

BELA is directly inspired by the Los Angeles-based Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI). It aims to unite the efforts of several existing bodies—English Heritage, Subterranea Britannica, the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust and even the Department for Transport, among dozens of others—in a project of national landscape taxonomy that will combine catalogues created by distinct organisations into one omnivorous, searchable archive of human-altered landscapes in Britain… From military bases to abandoned factories, from bonded warehouses to national parks, by way of private gardens, council estates, scientific laboratories and large-scale pieces of urban infrastructure, BELA’s listings are intended to serve as something of an ultimate guide to both familiar and esoteric sites of human land use throughout the United Kingdom.

more info on BLDGBLOG hereand opening times on the AA website here

other exhibitions at the same time are

Random Structures by Sachiyo Nishimura

Not What But How

DLAB: Light Forest

details of which can be found here

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