Envisioning Information : Escaping Flatland

envisioning information 02Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte published in 1990 has become a reference on the visual representation of information and presents examples from a range of disciplines as varied as cartography, dance or music…

Chapter 1 : Escaping Flatland, starts with:

“Even though we navigate daily through a perceptual world of three spatial dimensions and reason occasionally about higheer dimensional arenas with mathematical ease, the world portrayed on our information displays is caught up in the two-dimensionality of the endless flatlands of paper and video screen. All communication between the readers of an image and the makers of an image must now take place on a two-dimensional surface. Escaping this flatland is the essential task of envisioning information – for all the interesting worlds (physical, biological, imaginary, human) that we seek to understand are inevitable and happily multivariate in nature. Not Flatlands.



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