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This Wednesday, 2nd October 2013:



envisioning information 02Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte published in 1990 has become a reference on the visual representation of information and presents examples from a range of disciplines as varied as cartography, dance or music…

Chapter 1 : Escaping Flatland, starts with:

“Even though we navigate daily through a perceptual world of three spatial dimensions and reason occasionally about higheer dimensional arenas with mathematical ease, the world portrayed on our information displays is caught up in the two-dimensionality of the endless flatlands of paper and video screen. All communication between the readers of an image and the makers of an image must now take place on a two-dimensional surface. Escaping this flatland is the essential task of envisioning information – for all the interesting worlds (physical, biological, imaginary, human) that we seek to understand are inevitable and happily multivariate in nature. Not Flatlands.


Photographer Christian Houge took his camera to the landscape of Spitsbergen in Norway for these amazing pictures. Technology seems to have landed delicately on this barren landscape as the only testimony of human occupancy.
spitsbergen 01spitsbergen 02spitsbergen 03

details of these structures remind us of Junya Ishigami’s Architecture as Air at the Barbican Curve gallery.

arctic technology 02arctic technology
more on Christian Houge’s work on his website here: